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Currently Airing and Available on Blu-ray & HD-DVD


"Black Forest"

    Role: Walter Anderson

    Starring with: Ben Cross

    Network: Syfy

    Studio: NBC/Universal

"Super Cyclone"

    Role: Dr. Percy Cavanaugh 

    Starring with: Ming-Na Wen, Nick Turturro

    Network: Syfy

    Studio: NBC/Universal

"Rise Of The Zombies"

    Role: Bob Noland

    Starring with: Mariel Hemingway, LeVar Burton, Danny Trejo

    Network: Syfy

    Studio: NBC/Universal


"House Of Cards"

    Role: Secretary of Labor

    Featured wiith: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright

    Network: Netflix




I'm a bi-coastal film, TV, stage, voice actor, and private acting coach currently residing in Washington, DC. In my spare time I pursue Quantum Physics/String Theory, Ancient Egyptian History, Genetics, and Film Soundtracks.

I also compose music, lyrics and poetry, and am in the process of writing a "criminal underworld" musical based on an O'Henry short story.

Having lunch with my friend, Disney composer Richard Sherman, at the Magic Castle in Hollywood!

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